New Owners Guide


The Basset Hound is an old breed originating in France in the 15th Century. They were bred as hunters with a good and persistent nose, and dwarfed to make them slower and more manageable on foot. The origins of the breed must always be remembered, as it still dominates their characters. They are pack animals. Their owners are regarded as members of the pack and it is natural for a Basset to try and work his way up in the pecking order, hoping to become the leader. This is tried out in various ways, and part of their charm for many is in their stubborn disobedience. This is especially true of dog hounds, and owners should always be firm with a puppy - if you give in to those appealing eyes when he misbehaves, you will have a hard job later on. On the other hand, Basset Hounds are quite a sensitive breed and any heavy handedness should be avoided...

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Breed Standard

General Appearance

Short legged hound of considerable substance, well balanced, full of quality. It is important to bear in mind that this in a working hound and must be fit for purpose therefore should be strong, active and capable of great endurance in the field.


Tenacious hound of ancient lineage which hunts by scent, possessing a pack instinct, a deep melodious voice.

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Code of Ethics

1. Properly house, feed, water and exercise all hounds under your care and arrange for appropriate veterinary attention if and when required.
2. Keep your hound's vaccinations up to date and worm regularly.
3. Do not allow your hounds to roam at large or to cause a nuisance to any of your neighbours or those carrying out official duties.

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Basset Hound Club Rules

(i) To promote the welfare of the Basset Hound and to encourage its breeding in accordance with the Standard laid down by the Kennel Club.
(ii) To hold Shows, Working Trials and to promote classes for the breed at other Shows.
(iii) To assist and facilitate the activities of all Members and to advise and encourage those Members who have no previous experience of the breed. Such activities may include Showing, Hunting and Working Trials.

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